Evimero Couples
Core B4 Connection Women's Workshop

Wrestling with conflict or a lack of connection with your partner? You love your partner, but sometimes feel frustrated, alone, and unsure of the next best step to create something healthy, vulnerable, and fulfilling.


As women, many of us don’t have great relationship role models. Often we are silently taught to be responsible for everyone else’s emotions, and that our needs come last. We end up being a caretaker as opposed to a partner. We find ourselves resentful and frustrated, unsure of what to do to improve our relationship. 


Women are more likely to share their relationship struggles with their friends. But we don’t always feel comfortable sharing what’s happening or what we are struggling with because we feel we should have it all figured out. So we sugarcoat it. This leaves us yearning to find a space where we can be authentic about our relationship struggles without being judged. Where we can start to understand who we are, how we feel, and why we feel this way. Where we can learn from and with other women in the same place in life. 

In this workshop, you’ll be with a cohort of women looking for the same things. We will meet once/a week for six weeks over zoom to learn and grow together. We will uncover the heart of what it means to first be a healthy, whole individual. We will then examine the foundation of partnership and how we currently show up for our partner. Finally, we will have the opportunity to learn new skills and take intentional steps to create a healthy, whole relationship together.

Sign up below if you are done spinning and ready to set foot on a new path. Our groups are launching in Spring 2023. Join us to create something new.