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The Honeymoon Phase Is Ovah!

Are there things that are different in your relationship, and it’s concerning you? Maybe you’re starting to realize there are conflicts that you’re struggling to repair. Or you’re feeling irritated with your partner and notice things about him or her that you didn’t in the past?

It can be a harsh reality when your relationship changes. It is frustrating to have the same arguments without a resolution. It is unsettling when you begin to question the health of your relationship. It is painful to feel emotionally distant from your partner.

It is natural to come out of the honeymoon stage feeling worried, fearful, surprised, and uncertain. We are here to tell you that everything you’re experiencing is normal (aside from abuse, that’s never ok).

Common Questions

  • Is our relationship healthy?
  • Am I the problem in our relationship?
  • Why do we keep having the same fights?
Evimero Couples - Top 5 Relationship Patterns to Not Ignore Quiz

Top 5 Relationship Patterns to Not Ignore Quiz


There are natural stages of a relationship. Summarized, they can be described as:

Honeymoon → Conflict → Decision → Deep Attachment.

During the Honeymoon Phase, our brain is flooded with dopamine, also known as the pleasure hormone. Every touch or look from your partner or thought about them comes with a flush of desire. Over time dopamine levels decrease, and levels of oxytocin and vasopressin increase, which are the hormones associated with long-term attachment and comfort.

This change in hormones brings an unveiling of sorts. All those things we overlooked or thought were cute are now front and center and quite possibly under our skin. We are no longer enamored with everything our partner does, and we start to notice our partner’s flaws. This hormonal change creates natural friction in the relationship, typically known as coming out of the Honeymoon Phase and moving into the Conflict Phase.

The friction or conflict we experience in this phase isn’t necessarily the problem. Typically, it is our response to it that creates issues. Over time, our responses to one another create patterns in our relationships. These patterns can be healthy, allowing us to resolve conflict and strengthen our connection. Or they can be unhealthy and perpetuate conflict. 

It is common for couples to try to work through this friction, only to find they struggle to do so. This increases conflict or can turn into avoidance. When unhealthy patterns are present and conflict continues, it is common for couples to start questioning if they are with the right person or if their relationship is healthy. 

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