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What is Relationship Alignment

Evimero Couples Relationship Alignment Blueprint

The Elusive Alignment

Relationship Alignment is an elusive concept. It is hard to describe and even harder to define. Yet you know when it is missing in your relationship. You can feel it. It is experiential. 

Couples often overlook how important it is to be intentional about discussing and building relationship alignment. When couples aren’t aligned, it increases the likelihood of spinning in the cycle of conflict. In contrast, aligned couples establish a deeper connection and find greater fulfillment in their relationship. Some couples even find their deeper life’s purpose through their relationship – aligned together.

Why is Relationship Alignment so Elusive

For this reason, we are passionate about relationship alignment. 


What is Relationship Alignment

It is a position of agreement and alliance on the current state of your relationship, what you want for your relationship, and how you will come together to move things forward. It’s a spirit of cooperation. It is living and loving in the same direction.

But let’s be honest – what the hell does that really mean?

The Relationship Alignment Blueprint

Evimero Couples Relationship Alignment Blueprint

The Evimero Couples Relationship Alignment BlueprintWe struggled to answer that question ourselves. And that is why we created The Evimero Couples Relationship Alignment Blueprint. It paints a vivid picture of what authentic alignment entails within a relationship. As with any blueprint, it serves as a roadmap – for constructing and maintaining a strong, healthy, and harmonious relationship.

This blueprint comprises five key components: Curiosity, Growth Mindset, Goals, Values, and Vision. 

As the bedrock of the blueprint, Curiosity and a Growth Mindset set the tone, dictating how you interact with each other and how your relationship thrives. Curiosity fuels an insatiable desire to comprehend your partner on a profound level. At the same time, a Growth Mindset propels you both towards individual and collective growth, sculpting the ideal relationship you both yearn for.

When two individuals unite, they bring a cluster of Values that steer their perspectives and behaviors. Simultaneously, individual Goals shape the course of their aspirations and achievements. Yet, a beautiful synthesis of these Values and Goals occurs in relationships that align seamlessly. These intertwine to form the very fabric of the partnership, fortifying its core. And once this fusion is realized, a collective Vision emerges—essentially, a compass that charts the journey to a flourishing relationship.


Ok, ok, I get it now. But does my relationship need an alignment?

Seasons of Relationship Alignment

Anyone that has been in a relationship for an extended period of time knows that relationships go through seasons. In the early part of the relationship, often known as the Honeymoon Phase, it seems like you couldn’t be more aligned. But then you move into the Conflict Phase, and you begin to question if you were ever aligned in the first place. If you survive the Conflict Phase, you find yourself with the opportunity to develop a deeper connection with each other. And some couples take their relationship a step further and find themselves using their relationship as an expression of their deeper purpose in life. 

Because of that, we’ve found couples need alignment in three seasons of a relationship:

Out of Conflict

When couples find themselves trapped in a cycle of conflict, the absence of alignment forms the fundamental issue requiring attention. Frequently, their focus rests on superficial matters—such as the absence of intimacy, quarrels about finances, or disparities in parenting approaches. Yet, beneath the surface of these concerns lies a lack of alignment. What often goes unnoticed or remains unexpressed is the erosion of their core values. If one partner spends lavishly while the other saves diligently, the challenge isn’t solely about behavior; rather, it signifies a disparity in values. While one values the significance of prudent saving and adhering to a budget, the other places importance on material possessions or experiences attained through hard work. Neither stance is inherently right or wrong; they are simply driven by distinct values.

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For couples to move out of this cycle of conflict, they need to be curious about why each other operates the way they do, take time to uncover their values as individuals and as a couple, and then embrace a growth mindset to create something new—all components of the Relationship Alignment Blueprint. 

Toward a Deeper Connection

A relationship connection embodies a bond, a link, or a tie that unites two individuals. An emotional connection entails a sense of safety and intimacy beyond physical attraction or shared enjoyment. To cultivate this connection, couples must create a sense of alignment. Initially, this alignment is easily established as couples remain at the surface level of interaction. However, as time progresses, life’s intricacies allow couples to delve deeper into each other’s worlds. When couples sustain this connection amidst life’s myriad changes, their bond grows stronger.

Cultivating a genuine curiosity about your partner forms a pivotal foundation for connection. The depth of your curiosity directly correlates with the extent of the connection you can foster. Moreover, couples who actively invest in shared growth discover an abundance of connection points.

Yet, the true essence of connection emerges when couples dedicate time to jointly share and weave their values and goals into the fabric of their relationship. Through intentional effort, this process enables couples to intertwine their lives in a manner that gives rise to a profound and enduring connection.

Finding an Ultimate Purpose

Certain couples wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity to uncover and actualize their ultimate life’s purpose as an embodiment of their relationship. Whether it involves launching a business, establishing a nonprofit organization, or embarking on a journey halfway across the globe to establish an orphanage, these couples perceive their relationship as the conduit to fulfilling their shared purpose. Such a remarkable synergy only materializes when couples embody all the facets of The Relationship Alignment Blueprint.


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They craft a clear vision outlining the trajectory of their relationship and the roadmap to realize their life’s purpose. With their individual values and goals distinctly defined, they conscientiously take strides to harmonize them. Their mutual curiosity serves as the bedrock of their interest in one another, while a growth mindset propels their understanding that nurturing this mindset is vital for acquiring the competencies essential to actualize their purpose.

Essentially, these couples craft a narrative that intertwines their unique qualities, shared aspirations, and a sense of limitless potential, all guided by the principles laid out within the Relationship Alignment Blueprint.

Curious about where your relationship stands in terms of alignment? 

Looking for help to get you and your partner better aligned?

Head over to our Services page to see how we can help you get out of conflict, develop a deeper connection, or find your ultimate life’s purpose – all through the power of alignment. 

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