Strengthening Marriages and Intimate Relationships

Strengthening Marriages and Intimate Relationships

Nothing is worse than a bad marriage / relationship; however, nothing is better than a great marriage / relationship. With the powerful and abundant research now available we know exactly what it takes to have a great marriage / relationship and exactly what it takes to destroy a relationship. In Strengthening Marriages and Intimate Relationships, Dr. Randy Hyde has taken from the world’s greatest researchers and combined this with his own 30 plus years of experience to provide you with the answers in a simple, fun, yet powerful and easy to implement program.

Often, all you need is good information and then to apply and practice what you’ve learned to be highly successful.

  • Becoming best friends.
  • What mature love looks like.
  • Setting a foundation and future course for your children through your marriage.
  • Being honest, open, and transparent.
  • What you can control and what you can’t and finding peace through acceptance.
  • Anger – what causes it, how to deal with it, and how to overcome it.
  • What if you are in an abusive relationship? What to do.
  • How to effectively change anything in your life to be more satisfying.
  • What to do when you are feeling lonely / smothered.
  • Falling in love again.
  • What is love really and how do I increase it in my life and relationship?
  • Communication, problem solving and conflict resolution – specifics, formulas and skills; getting comfortable.
  • Maturity, character and integrity in the relationship.
  • The specific ingredients that cause divorce and how to build the opposite.
  • How to fill your life with love and acceptance.
  • Why having a positive mental attitude is so essential.
  • Specific activities and assignments for building your relationship, commitments and love.
  • The power of affection.
  • The foundation of any relationship and how to effectively build and strengthen it.
  • How to deal with different intimacy needs.
  • Getting the love you want.
  • Sexuality – issues, conflicts and ecstasy.
  • Much, much more. For a more in-depth summary examine the curriculum.
Strengthening Marriages and Intimate Relationships



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About the Expert(s)

Randy Hyde

Randy Hyde
For over 30 years Dr. Randy Hyde, Child & Family Clinical Psychologist, has dedicated his life to understanding the science of psychology and helping people on a daily basis. During that amount...

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