Hold Me Tight Online

Hold Me Tight Online

Hold Me Tight Online is the foundational online program from Dr. Sue Johnson. It applies 30 years of research and practice and a deep understanding of love relationships.

This cutting-edge knowledge is paired with an easy-to-use experience that tailors the program to your past relationship experience and your daily routine.

The Hold Me Tight program can help you and your partner in the following ways:

  • Improve your relationship by strengthening your bond
  • Better conflict resolution and positive problem solving as well as co-operation around key issues such as financial difficulties or parenting
  • Better mental health – less depression, less anxiety
  • Better self image
  • Better physical health thanks to improved immune functioning.

Secure adults have better relationships. They are more empathic to others, and better care-givers. They also know what they need and understand how to ask for support when the going gets tough.

A responsive, caring bond with your partner provides the emotional balance needed to deal with life's challenges – from everyday problems to major crises such as a global pandemic.

The Hold Me Tight program is the only program found to both improve relationship satisfaction and foster a more secure bond. This online version is based on the only model of brief couple intervention validated in over 20 outcome studies demonstrating long term positive results.

Hold Me Tight Online



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About the Expert(s)

Sue Johnson

Dr. Sue Johnson
Sue Johnson has spent 30 years researching how relationships can be repaired, how the bonds of love work, and how people change in psychotherapy. Most of her research focuses on the efficacy of Emo...

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