Goal Setting for Couples

Goal Setting for Couples™

Goal Setting for Couples, created by Christian Marriage Adventures, will teach you how to leverage your faith, create focus, and take action to create the marriage you desire.
Let's be honest.
Great marriages don't just happen.
You have to work at them.
Every married couple starts out with the greatest of intentions, but if you aren't careful, somewhere along the line you may lose sight of what's important.
And before you know it, the goals and dreams you once shared for your marriage are on the back burner.
You begin to put other things ahead of your marriage goals (kids, work, etc). You start to feel like you may never see your deepest desires and dreams come to pass.
But because you have a good marriage, you keep going through the motions. After all, some people have it worse.
We know you are not the type to give up, so we want to ask you: 
Why settle for a mediocre marriage when you could be living out the marriage of your dreams?

Goal Setting for Couples



Online Course


$50.00 - $99.99


Goal Setting
Evimero Couples Framework-Purpose

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Christian Marriage Adventures

Mike Carlie Kercheval
Mike & Carlie Kercheval are the founders of Christian Marriage Adventures™ and Marriage Legacy University™. They’ve been passionately married since June 10, 2000, and have been blessed with thr...

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