Effective Communication - Lamar and Ronnie Tyler

Effective Communication

From the creators of Black and Married with Kids, this online course by Lamar Tyler and Ronnie Tyler on effective communication will teach you:

  • Amazing tips and tricks that professionals use to get their messages across effectively
  • Easy to implement tips to improve your conversation immediately
  • How to communicate with your spouse like a teammate
  • How to avoid hurting each other's feelings when you're communicating
  • The exact words to use when you're trying to be understood by your spouse
  • How to listen effectively and not kill the conversation without realizing it
  • How to respond when the conversation has made a turn for the worst and still get to a place of resolution
  • How to know when it is time to end the conversation
  • How to keep difficult conversations going in a healthy manner
  • How to have healthy resolutions to tense and difficult conversations
  • How to improve what you saying to each other one word at a time
  • How to reduce the number of unnecessary arguments you are having
  • Get what you want without offending your spouse
Effective Communication - Lamar and Ronnie Tyler



Online Course


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About the Expert(s)

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler
Lamar Tyler and Ronnie Tyler make up the husband and wife power pair behind Black and Married with Kids, the largest independent African American marriage and parenting site on the web. Fed up with...

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