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Bare Marriage is the home of Sheila Gregoire. With her blog, podcast, and video portal, Sheila tackles the tough topics of marriage, sex, family, and faith from a different Christian lens. She challenges some of the traditional views on these topics to help women find their voice, their libido, and their marriages. 

Some of her core blog content focuses on how to overcome low libido in men or women, how Christian pat answers make marriages worse, what submission means in marriage, and what God thinks of abuse in marriage.

Her latest podcast episodes include “Fixing sexist bible translations,” “What has your wife been taught about sex,” and “Duty sex isn’t sexy.”




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Evimero Couples Framework-Connection

Detailed Review

Can you Relate?

Are you tired of Christian pat answers to your questions about marriage and sex?

Has intimacy and sex in your marriage not been what you thought it would be or what you were promised?

Have you wondered how your theology of sex impacts real intimacy?

Why do so many Christian marriage books present sex as another chore to check off a woman’s to-do list?

Are you ready for a different perspective that honors your faith?

Framework Alignment

Evimero Couples Framework-Connection

Bare Marriage aligns with the Connection level of the Evimero Couples Framework, specifically focusing on the category of Intimacy/Sex. It will help you deepen your connection with your partner, and support you in creating and sustaining a loving, vulnerable, passionate, healthy sex life.

Tools for Growth

Sheila Wray Gregorie is the heart and soul of Bare Marriage, home to her blog, online courses, and podcasts. Content at Bare Marriage covers sex, marriage, family and faith…but let’s be honest…the majority of it’s content is about sex. And not just any sex…but great sex. Loving, connected, healthy and whole sex. The stuff you find in the Song of Solomon. 

A large majority of the content in Bare Marriage podcasts, blog posts and courses is a byproduct of the findings of their extensive research over the last few years. They have focused on evaluating the teachings in popular Christian books on marriage and sex to determine if the teachings are healthy or harmful. To complete their evaluations of these teachings, they reviewed academic literature about what contributes to healthy sexuality for women. Then they completed a thorough survey of 22,000 Christian women to learn more about what makes sex great for some and terrible for others. From their findings, they created a 12-point rubric of healthy sexual teachings. Finally, they applied that rubric to evangelical sex and marriage bestsellers to see how they fared. Content of their blog articles and podcast episodes includes conversations around the findings of their research, results of book reviews against the rubric, and recommendations for resources to support a healthy, whole sex life with your partner.

So how can you and your partner apply the content of Bare Marriage? We recommend reading through or listening to some of their content to get a feel for who they are. If you are looking for research-based, faith-based, healthy sex advice, we encourage you to select one of their online courses and dive in. Options include The Orgasm Course, The Honeymoon Course, Boost Your Libido, and The Whole Story: “The Talk” for Parents and Kids. Courses are $39-59 each and include 5-20 hours of videos depending on the course. All include a comprehensive lesson book, and a workbook with a variety of activities to help you apply the course material. Each course has a clear roadmap for application of the content. These courses are designed to increase your understanding of sex and marriage and increase your connection with your partner…ultimately support you in creating and sustaining a loving, vulnerable, passionate, healthy sex life.

Worth your Time?

Bare Marriage is not for everyone. Some may consider it heretical. But if you are deconstructing, or on a journey of unpacking the traditional evangelical teachings around sex and intimacy in marriage, it may be just what you need. It is thought provoking, insightful and not afraid to challenge the status quo. It may help you heal some old wounds and rekindle something that has been missing in your relationship for a long time. It may be just what God originally designed for you.

About the Expert(s)

Sheila Gregoire

Sheila has been writing and speaking about marriage and family since 2003, and specifically about sex since 2010. Over the years, she was inundated with questions and comments from readers with the...

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