Sheila Gregoire

Sheila has been writing and speaking about marriage and family since 2003, and specifically about sex since 2010. Over the years, she was inundated with questions and comments from readers with the same problems popping up repeatedly. 

After almost ten years of trying to help people fix common problems with sex in marriage, she started to wonder–what if the problem isn’t a lack of good advice, but rather an abundance of bad advice? 

In January of 2019, she sat down and read Love & Respect, a best-selling evangelical marriage book, to see what it had to say. I was shocked and horrified. 

The best-selling Christian book that taught about sex did not once mention that sex was designed for women, too. Rather, it framed it as a male need, telling their female readers, “If your husband is typical, he has a need you don’t have.” 

She was so rattled at what I read in this book that I set out with two other women to conduct the largest study ever done on evangelical women’s marital and sexual satisfaction. They discovered which common evangelical teachings about marriage and sexuality may actually make things worse, not better, and in The Great Sex Rescue, they reported our findings and pointed couples towards the freedom that God intended.


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