Jeannie Cunnion

Jeannie Cunnion is the author and frequent speaker at women’s conferences and parenting events around the country.

Jeannie's passion is encouraging women to live in the freedom for which Christ has set us free, which is something her own heart needs to be daily reminded of. Her message is woven with humility, transparency, wisdom, and a contagious love for the Good News.

Jeannie's work has been featured on outlets such as The Today Show, Fox and Friends, Fox News, The 700 Club, and Focus on the Family.  Jeannie has a Master’s degree in Social Work, and previous to writing, she worked in the counseling and adoption field, traveling the country (48 states to be exact) speaking about adoption and parenting. These days you’re most likely to find her driving carpool, coordinating chaos, cheering for her boys on the sidelines of their games, or singing worship songs off-key in her kitchen while trying to cook an edible meal.

As for what makes her happy – well, that would be sharing the love of Jesus, reading a great book, hiking with her family, watching Auburn football, stringing words together, water in every form, traveling anywhere warm, singing like nobody’s listening, and hanging at home with her family.

Jeannie Cunnion

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