Relationship Patterns Quiz Conversation Guide

Start Having That Difficult Conversation

Evimero Couples Relationship Patterns Conversation Guide

Are You Ready for Change?

Did the relationship patterns quiz validate that something is off in your relationship?

Validate what your gut has been telling you all along?

Are you struggling to have a conversation with your partner about the results? Or, more importantly, about the state of your relationship?

Are you avoiding this conversation because you don’t have the skills to navigate it? 

Or have you tried having this conversation? Over and over. Each attempt blows up on you. Now you avoid it altogether. 

In any case, sitting in a relationship with unhealthy patterns is exhausting. The lack of connection with your partner. Feeling like roommates. Walking on eggshells because you’re tired of the conflict.

Yet avoiding these difficult conversations is only making things worse.

The Gottman Institute (one of the leading relationship research organizations in the world) found that most couples wait 6 years after the relationship begins to deteriorate before seeking counseling services.

Six Years

We don’t want you to sit in an unhealthy relationship for 6 years!

That is why we created the Relationship Patterns Quiz Conversation Guide.

What You'll Get

This 26-page guide is packed with information and guidance that will help you create movement in your relationship to get past the feeling of being stuck. 

Relationship Patterns Quiz Conversation Guide - Guided Reflection
Guided Reflection

Interpreting your quiz results can be overwhelming. Especially if the scores were low.

Our guide will help you:

Relationship Patterns Quiz Conversation Guide - Conversation Coaching
Conversation Coaching

Understanding there is a problem is one thing. Having a conversation with your partner is another.

Our guide will help you:

Clear Direction

Couples spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to solve the wrong prolems.

Our guide will help you:

Inside Relationship Patterns Quiz
Conversation Guide

Evimero Couples Relationship Patterns Quiz Conversation Guide
Evimero Couples Relationship Patterns Quiz Conversation Guide
Evimero Couples Relationship Patterns Quiz Conversation Guide


I was avoiding this conversation for years. Your guide made it easy to gather my thoughts and be clear about what I needed.
June 30, 2023
We tried tons of other things. This only lead to more frustration. Your guide provided us clarity on the thing we needed to stop spinning in our fights.
Bill and Janet
July 2, 2023
I couldn't get my wife to see what was happening in our relationship. I shared the Relationship Problem Continuum with her and we immediately saw what was happening. Thank you Evimero Couples!
July 5, 2023

About Us

Evimero Couples exists to help couples get aligned to grow past relationship conflict.

Paul brings his passion for coaching people through change with structured experiences to the Evimero Couples team.  

He has spent the past 25 years in Corporate America, helping people develop their skills to become top performers. His specialties include developing learning experiences that create behavioral change, developing tools and systems for complex problems, and coaching people to expand their performance. Paul has seen firsthand the impact of the right coach and learning environment on someone’s performance. 

Paul was married for 17 years. He spent the last five of those years working with a mentor and therapist, where he experienced a significant change within himself. Paul was fascinated by the concepts around our family of origin, how we create connections with others, and how couples grow in a relationship. He is intrigued by the complexity of relationships. Having embraced and experienced his journey of change, he desires to help others do the same. The freedom on the other end of the desert is worth it. 

For Paul, Evimero Couples is the intersection of his professional and personal experiences. He desires to bring his years of coaching and creating learning experiences to couples who are willing and ready to change their relationship. He believes with the right mindset and right skills, couples can develop the type of relationship that can be fulfilling and change the world. 

Paul has a teenage son and a pre-teen daughter. He is adamant that the greatest gift they have given him is to see the world with more compassion and intentionality. In the few seconds each week he has to himself, Paul can be found drumming or riding his bike through the many trails of Colorado. He is still trying to figure out how to do both simultaneously. 

Laura brings her passion for and experience with personal growth and development, leadership development, and growth coaching to the Evimero Couples team to support the transformation of relationships.

As a result of her commitment to her growth for over 25 years, she has experienced the positive impact of the growth process. Laura’s experience is that when you grow into the best version of yourself, you not only heal within, you uncover who you are meant to be, and transform how you show up for the people you love. She believes the process of personal growth allows you to unleash your ability to live authentically and fully. Laura knows that when two people set foot on the path of personal growth together, their potential is limitless.

As an entrepreneurship coach for 15 years, she witnessed the impact of teaching others to implement simple and effective growth skills to build thriving organizations. Laura believes growth skills are universal and at the heart of thriving relationships. She is dedicated to empowering couples to learn and apply growth skills to transform their relationship.

On a more personal note, Laura was married for nine years and understands the heartache that can come with relationships. She relates to couples who wonder if their connection is healthy or their conflict is normal. She knows all too well what it feels like to attempt to find the right resource to strengthen your relationship, only to find it makes things worse. Her journey through love, loss, and growth clarified the critical and often overlooked components that allow couples to move through conflict to create something new together. This discovery fuels her passion for her work with Evimero Couples. 

Laura has two teenage children who are her heart and soul. She enjoys spending time with them, which typically means driving them somewhere at this stage of the journey – to hang with friends, to golf lessons, or to volleyball practice. She spends her free time enjoying the outdoors of Colorado. She loves to hike, camp, and road bike.