What is Relationship Alignment ?

It is a position of agreement and alliance on the current state of your relationship, what you want for your relationship, and how you will come together to move things forward. It’s a spirit of cooperation. It is living and loving in the same direction.

Relationship Alignment is an elusive concept. It is hard to describe and even harder to define. You know when you have it and when you don’t. You can feel it. It is experiential. 

Couples often overlook how important it is to intentionally discuss and build relationship alignment. When couples aren’t aligned, the likelihood of conflict increases. While aligned couples have a deeper connection and find greater fulfillment in their relationship. Some couples even use their alignment to find their deeper purpose in life – together.

This is why we are so passionate about relationship alignment. 

Most couples think they are aligned because they live in the same house, pay the same bills, and parent the same kids. But real relationship alignment happens at a deeper level, and most couples don’t know what that looks like.

So how do you develop relationship alignment?

The Relationship Alignment Blueprint

Evimero Couples Relationship Alignment Blueprint

The Evimero Couples Relationship Alignment Blueprint defines and clarifies what alignment looks like in a relationship. The Blueprint has five components: Curiosity, Growth Mindset, Goals, Values, and Vision. Curiosity and a Growth Mindset are the postures that support the other three components. They inspire how you treat one another and your relationship. Curiosity fosters a strong desire to understand your partner. A Growth Mindset ensures you are growing as individuals and as a couple to create the relationship you desire. 

Each member enters the relationship with values that guide or motivate their attitudes and actions. The same is true for goals, which are the aspirations or achievements each person wants to accomplish. In aligned relationships, couples learn to integrate both partners’ values and goals into something that underpins the relationship. Once done, couples can create a vision for their relationship, which provides a roadmap for the success of their relationship. 

Alignment in All Seasons of a Relationship


Out of Conflict

When couples find themselves trapped in a cycle of conflict, the absence of alignment forms the fundamental issue requiring attention. Frequently, their focus rests on superficial matters—such as the absence of intimacy, quarrels about finances, or disparities in parenting approaches. Yet, beneath the surface of these concerns lies a lack of alignment.

Toward Deeper Connection

A relationship connection embodies a bond, a link, or a tie that unites two individuals. An emotional connection entails a sense of safety and intimacy beyond physical attraction or shared enjoyment. To cultivate this connection, couples must create a sense of alignment.

Finding Ultimate Purpose

Certain couples wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity to uncover and actualize their ultimate life's purpose as an embodiment of their relationship. Such a remarkable synergy only materializes when couples embody relationship alignment.

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