Achieving Alignment:
Essential Tools and Resources for Couples

Achieving Alignment:
Essential Tools and Resources for Couples

Relationship Alignment Services

Your Journey to Relationship Alignment Starts
with Our Services and Essential Tools

Step 1:


Your Starting Point

The Evimero Couples Relationship Alignment Quiz is a self-assessment designed to gauge your relationship’s current state of alignment. It introduces you to the key components of the Relationship Alignment Blueprint and, through a series of questions, provides insights into how developed each component is in your relationship. 

Step 2:


Your Roadmap

The Relationship Alignment Blueprint is a roadmap for constructing and maintaining strong, healthy, and harmonious relationships through the power of relationship alignment. The comprehensive blueprint has five key components: Curiosity, Growth Mindset, Goals, Values, and Vision. 

Step 3:

Blueprint Component Diagnostics

Understanding The Alignment Components

The Blueprint Diagnostics assess your current level of understanding and application of each component of the Relationship Alignment Blueprint. Each diagnostic includes a comprehensive 50-question assessment examining the 5 behaviors and contributing factors of that component and a personalized report with your results.

Step 4:


Developing Key Relationship Alignment Behaviors

For each component of the Relationship Alignment Blueprint, a Mini-Course provides the tools and resources for you to effectively build the foundational behaviors of that component. 

Step 5:

Couples Workshop

Put It All Together

This transformative program is your pathway to understanding and improving the core dynamics of your partnership. Through expert guidance, interactive exercises, and open communication, you’ll gain valuable skills to resolve conflicts, strengthen emotional bonds, and align your goals. Invest in your love story and embark on a journey towards a harmonious and enduring connection with our Relationship Alignment Workshop.

Begin Your Alignment Journey Today!

Take the first step in your relationship alignment journey. 

The Relationship Alignment Quiz gives you:

  • Insights into the components of relationship alignment
  • Insights into the current maturity of your relationship alignment
  • Access to a 5-week email course to help you build deeper relationship alignment


Evimero Couples Relationship Alignment Quiz

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