Rediscovering Love:
Navigating a New Beginning
with Relationship Alignment

Life’s chapters are filled with twists and turns. Sometimes, a new beginning in the form of a relationship after divorce or the end of a significant relationship is the next captivating page to turn. However, the significance of relationship alignment remains constant, if not more vital, during these stages of life.


Relationship Alignment Matters

A Fresh Start

Starting a new relationship after a divorce or the end of a significant relationship is an opportunity to create a fresh narrative. Relationship alignment ensures that you and your partner are on the same page, building a shared story that respects the experiences and wisdom gained over time.

Emotional Resilience

This “second season” relationship brings both joy and challenges. Relationship alignment provides the emotional support required to navigate these ups and downs, fostering resilience and strength within your partnership.

Shared Values

As life progresses, values and priorities often evolve. Relationship alignment means that your partner shares your values, aspirations, and goals, essential for building a future together.

Life Planning

Whether blending families, planning for retirement, or exploring new adventures, relationship alignment empowers you and your partner to make informed and cohesive decisions about your shared future.


Our Expertise

Evimero Couples Relationship Patterns Quiz Conversation Guide

At Evimero Couples, we understand couples’ unique dynamics and needs while exploring this “second season.” We are here to guide you through the beautiful journey of rediscovering love while emphasizing the importance of alignment.


How We Help

Assessment Tools

Our quizzes and diagnostic tools offer a clear and objective means of evaluating the state of your relationship, providing valuable insights into areas of strength and potential improvement.

The Blueprint

The Relationship Alignment Blueprint serves as a comprehensive roadmap for couples, guiding them towards greater alignment and a deeper, more fulfilling connection.

Learning Experiences

Our courses and workshops offer couples a structured and guided environment where partners can explore relationship alignment and key components of the Blueprint.


The Evimero Couples Community is a group of like-minded couples who are all on a journey to build deeper connections through the power of relationship alignment.


Your Journey Starts Here

When exploring this new found love, every moment is precious. Whether considering a new relationship after divorce or seeking love once again, make sure you embark on this journey with a partner who aligns with your heart’s desires and aspirations. Let us support you in creating a story of love and fulfillment in the chapters yet to come. Your journey towards relationship alignment and rediscovered love begins here.

The Evimero Couples Relationship Alignment Quiz is your first step in ensuring your new relationship supports what you want in life. This assessment will evaluate the current state of your relationship alignment while giving you insights into the areas where you and your partner can get even more aligned before taking the next commitment level. 

How Aligned is Your Relationship? Find Out Now!

Evimero Couples Relationship Alignment Quiz

The Relationship Alignment Quiz gives you:

  • Insights into the components of relationship alignment
  • Insights into the current maturity of your relationship alignment
  • Access to a 5-week email course to help you build deeper relationship alignment

Take the quiz today to begin your understanding of what true relationship alignment is, and how you can begin to develop a deeper connection through relationship alignment.