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Core B4 Connection Men's Workshop

Being a guy in a relationship is complicated. Most of us don’t have good role models. And even if we do, we weren’t taught how to be vulnerable in our relationships. If we have guy friends, we aren’t sharing the struggles of our relationship with them. A recent American Perspective Survey shows that 50% of men don’t even have close friendships.

Because of this social dynamic, men can feel isolated and alone regarding their relationship challenges. 

This is why we created the Men’s Core B4 Connection Workshop. To provide men a place to wrestle with their relationship challenges. And to help you take intentional steps to grow. 

This workshop is conducted over Zoom for six weeks. You will be with a cohort of men looking for the same thing. You will be challenged to look in the mirror and see how you contribute to the state of your relationship. And then, you will have the opportunity to take intentional steps to grow new skills and create something different.

If you are done ignoring your relationship challenges and ready to try something different, sign up below. Our groups are launching in the Spring of 2023. Ignoring the problem will only make things worse.