How to Strengthen Your Relationship Workbook

Developing an intentional, healthy relationship is hard work. Life often gets in the way. And if you ignore it long enough, this can make you feel distant from your partner. Over time, you begin to feel like roommates instead of lovers.  This is why over 50% of marriages end in divorce. 

To avoid this path couples need to be intentional about addressing their relationship challenges. They need to understand the root cause of conflict. Then they need to take steps to grow, individually and together and create different patterns. 

The Evimero Couples Framework was designed to help couples navigate this process. And we designed a workbook to guide you with the right questions to ask each other to begin this process. 

If you and your partner don’t have an intentional growth plan for your relationship, you risk drifting apart. Download the How to Strengthen Your Relationship Workbook today and start your path to growing your relationship together!