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HELP! I Need Somebody

(We are big Beatles Fans)

There comes a point where you realize you need support in resolving the conflict in your relationship. 

You’ve researched solutions for your specific problem.  You’ve looked for answers to questions similar to the ones above.  As you go down this path, you realize there are endless resources for any one relationship problem. 

So you ask friends and family for recommendations. Or join a Facebook group or forum to ask what others have used.  If something worked for them, surely it could work for you.

Yet how do you know if you are solving the right problem?

Because if you and your partner differ on the problem, that will only intensify the conflict you are experiencing. 

Common Questions

  • How do we resolve relationship conflict?
  • How do we restore intimacy?
  • How do we improve communication?
The First Step To Resolving Relationship Conflict

The First Step Every Couple Must Take

Even worse is when one of you thinks there is a problem and the other doesn’t. The partner that sees a problem researches to find the right solution while the other partner digs their heels in and avoids the process altogether. Again, this intensifies the conflict or avoidance you are experiencing.

Here is the cold reality – you can spend countless hours searching for the right solution to your relationship problems. Then you can spend thousands of dollars for solutions to solve those problems.

Only to discover you are solving the wrong problem. 

We want to save you from wasting time and money. And more importantly, the frustration and exhaustion that comes from this process. 

We have found there is one critical step you must take before any book, online course, or counselor will improve your relationship.

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The First Step Every Couple Must Take

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