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Evimero Couples Workshops

Workshops built to help you and your partner align, and learn growth-minded skills to create intentional, healthy relationships.

Evimero Workshops

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Evimero Couples-Men's Core Workshop

Men's Core Workshop


Being a guy in a relationship is not always easy. Especially if you never had a role model for success.

The Evimero Couples Core B4 Connection Men’s Workshop is a dedicated group for guys. It is a safe space for men to wrestle with their personal and relationship struggles. We will learn how to apply growth-minded skills to create change within ourselves and with our partners.

Target Audience:

Men looking for a community of other guys to grow with.

Evimero Couples-Women's Core Workshop

Women's Core Workshop


The Core B4 Connection Women’s Workshop is designed for women who are ready to move their relationship beyond the stage of struggle and conflict, within a community of other like-minded women. Whether you’re just coming out of the Honeymoon Phase or are deep in Conflict, you’ll examine who you are and how you show up in your relationship. And you’ll learn growth-minded skills to support your personal growth, alignment with your partner, and the growth of your relationship. 

Target Audience:

Women in committed relationships looking for a community to learn and grow with.

Evimero Couples-Developing a Healthy Relationship Workshop for Couples

Couple's Growth Workshop


The Evimero Couples Developing a Healthy Relationship Workshop is a multi-week online experience. It is designed to help you and your partner get aligned on overcoming your relationship challenges. You will learn core skills on how to grow as individuals, and as a couple. Then apply those skills to your relationship. 

Target Audience:

Couples who want to get aligned and learn how to apply growth-minded skills to their relationship.