Couple's Growth Workshop

Relationships are hard. Couples often struggle to “get on the same page.” Whether it’s spending time together, roles and responsibilities, how to parent kids, or how to manage finances, the lack of alignment can cause significant conflict. 

Not having the right skills to make changes in your relationship can make things even worse. We see ourselves, our partners, and our relationships as fixed, unable to change. This can breed hopelessness. And nobody enjoys being in a hopeless romantic relationship. 

When this is the state of your relationship, it is natural to feel the urgency to find the right book, workshop, or counselor to help you fix your struggles. But if you and your partners aren’t on the same page and are unwilling to put in the work to grow, that approach will only lead to more frustration.

The Evimero Couples Growth Workshop was designed to address this exact challenge. To help couples first get aligned, and then develop new growth-minded skills. With these two things in place, couples could then find the right resources to help create something new – an intentional, healthy relationship.

If you are in a relationship where you can’t get out of the cycle of conflict – you are normal. This is a natural pattern of all relationships. Being there isn’t the problem; ignoring it is. Take a step for change today by joining the Couple Growth Workshop pre-launch list to be notified when our workshops launch this Spring!