Evimero Couples - why counseling will not fix your relationship problems.

Same Page? Or Same Book!

Congratulations! You and your partner came to the realization that to resolve the conflict in your relationship you need help. One or both of you did research, found what you thought was exactly the right resource for your problem, and jumped in together (or maybe sort of). 

Were you both able to complete the resource? Maybe one completed it and the other didn’t? Did it spark additional conflict? Did it deepen the realization that you and your partner aren’t on the same page? Did you lose focus because the resource wasn’t really addressing your problem? Or did you get even more frustrated because you realized you aren’t sure what the problem really is? 

We have discovered on our own growth and relationship journeys that implementing resources prematurely can add to the conflict and propel couples further into the crisis phase. Resources designed to address individual struggles aren’t effective until you first align as a couple. It is critical to get on the same page. Then the next step is to commit to growing, both individually and as a couple. At this point you can create a plan for addressing your relationship concerns.


Common Questions

  • Why didn’t counseling work?
  • Is there really something that can help us?
  • What’s next?
Evimero Couples Framework - Full

We Can Help

Why is the commitment to growth an important first step? The people you are now are the ones who created the conflict you’re currently having. This means unless you grow as individuals and as a couple, you will continue creating the same conflict, no matter what resource you choose. 

We understand that typically couples are not on the same page at this foundational level. So at Evimero Couples, our work begins here. We teach you to develop growth-minded skills and apply them to your relationship to break the cycle of conflict. Our workshops are specifically designed to: help you align with your partner to embrace growth, design a growth plan for specific areas of your relationship where you’re experiencing conflict, and apply resources that are right for you. We are committed to helping you create an intentional, healthy relationship.

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