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A Path Toward Purpose –
Why I Started Evimero Couples

Evimero Couples Framework-Purpose

Life's Intersections

Evimero Couples sits at the intersection of three of the most impactful experiences of my life. I’m filled with gratitude at the opportunity to meld these three experiences together in a way that serves others.

I want you to know how grateful I am that you have found us. I hope who we are and what we offer resonates with you. I hope that in some way we can support you on your journey of building something extraordinary with the person you love. 


Evimero Couples - A Journey Toward Purpose

I tend to be rather linear, in my own mind at least so I’m going to dissect each one below. And as I’m writing this I’m laughing because I’m sure Paul, the co-founder of Evimero, and the one who consistently brings structure to the crazy ideas we have for serving others, would adamantly disagree that I’m “linear.” By nature I lead with my heart and most times I’m sure he feels like I talk in swirls as opposed to straight lines. So maybe I’ll say it this way. In an attempt to be linear so you can follow along, I’m going to dissect each of the three things sitting at this intersection. 

The Power of Personal Growth

Fifteen years ago, I started a business with a network marketing company. I know. I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking, “oh boy…here we go.” I get it. I understand why the industry has a reputation worthy of eye rolls. 

But here’s why it’s on my list (and in the column of wild successes, I will have you note!). Running underneath all good network marketing companies is the belief that your business will never outgrow you. Said differently, you will only build a successful organization if you dedicate yourself to personal growth. When you become the best version of yourself, you are equipped to help others do the same. That component of our “system for success” was a shock when I started my business. I thought to myself, “I can just skip over that part of the system. I’m smart, I have a successful career. I’m emotionally stable (most days). Personal growth is for ‘those people.’ The ones who are messed up and need it, and that’s clearly not me.”

Oh the irony.

Evimero Couples - A Path Toward Purpose

My ignorance and arrogance was so thick you could taste it. It was many years before I embraced this aspect of building a successful business. And once I finally did, it changed my life.

My motivation to finally embrace personal growth was two-fold. Over the years I had heard countless successful vice presidents in my organization talk about the power of personal growth. And my business was stuck. So I was partially motivated by the desire to grow my business. 

But running parallel to my business was the realization that my marriage wasn’t what I wanted or hoped it would be. And I dove into personal growth as an attempt to strengthen my marriage. I didn’t realize that tyring to strengthen my marriage would result in a journey of self-growth. A journey of healing. Of learning to love myself. Of understanding my self-worth. And in turn, mentoring others on the same journey. A journey where we all thought we would learn how to build a business. And we did. But maybe even more rewarding than building a successful business, we would step in to who we were created to be. 

Personal growth is transformational. And I LOVE mentoring others on their journey of discovering what is possible. I am so ridiculously excited to walk with couples on this path of discovery. To support them as they embrace personal and relationship growth, learn growth-minded skills, and ultimately unleash what is possible when they are aligned toward a common purpose.

Evimero Couples - A Path Toward Purpose

The Importance of Community

I grew up playing sports in a small town. I love sports. I have a deep appreciation for the life lessons learned only on a court or field. And most of all, I love how sports bring people together, both as a team and as a community. As a teenager, there was nothing like huddling up at the gym door with my teammates, everyone excited and nervous, waiting for exactly the right time to run into the gym and onto the court. Our entrance was always perfectly timed with the music blasting through the speakers that could go out at any second. The experience of entering a court surrounded by bleachers packed with students, parents and community members, all on their feet cheering like crazy, aligned toward a common outcome, is deeply ingrained in my soul. Everyone believed. Everyone had a common vision. We were all one. That was 30 years ago, but I can still see and feel it so clearly today.

Now I live in a small suburb of Denver. In 2012 the parks and recreation department announced that they were going to stop offering youth sports for kids ages 5 – 14. I knew this would leave a tremendous hole in our community. So a small group of us banned together and worked day and night to create a nonprofit youth sports organization to fill the gap. At its inception, Pirate Youth Sports offered eight youth sports. Every person who stepped up to be part of the organization, from coaches up to sport directors and board members, volunteered their time to serve the kids and the community. We worked with the city and school district to get fields and courts at a reasonable price so we could keep costs low. And because of a sponsorship from a national sporting goods retailer headquartered in our town, we received equipment donations. This gave kids who couldn’t afford equipment the chance to play. We partnered with our high school teams to build a bridge between youth and high school athletes. My son started playing lacrosse at 6 and his coach, Luke, was on the high school team. My son adored Luke. Everyone adored Luke. Luke sparked a love of lacrosse and built a lacrosse community. As soon as my daughter was old enough, she wanted to play lacrosse too. Not because she loved lacrosse, but because she loved Luke. She wanted to be part of what he had created with lacrosse, and what we created for our town.

Evimero Couples - A Path to Purpose

I believe in the power of community. I believe our need for community extends far beyond the court or field. As the world divides, we are yearning for connection and belonging. Community is a space to believe in and support one another. Community unites us with other like-minded people, aligned toward a common purpose. We are designed to be in community, and we are hard-wired for success together. And in terms of relationships, I believe we were never meant to go on the journey of relationship growth alone. We started Evimero Couples to unite couples like you in community to support your relationship growth.

The Lessons We Learn From Failure

This one is at this intersection because it ties everything above together and culminates with a focus on supporting couples. Our experiences shape us. With failures in particular, we have a choice. We can let them paralyze us. Or they can become our greatest opportunities for growth. And if we have the courage, our failures provide priceless opportunities to relate to and connect with others. To be vulnerable and human. To serve others with confidence and compassion.

 So here goes nothing! 

I am divorced. After 11 years together and nine of those 11 married, we made the difficult decision to end our marriage. The years leading up to our divorce were a mix of happy, fun, joyful and hopeful. And long, confusing and painful. There were countless tears and sleepless nights. And at times there were knots of anxiety in my chest that felt like they had set up camp and were there to stay.

 I’ve learned that my experience of marriage is not necessarily unique.

I have spent the years after our divorce objectively (as objectively as is possible) examining our experience and using it as an opportunity to learn and grow. There have been countless ah-ha’s. I can see where we went right, and where we went wrong. And now on the other side, I want to use what I’ve experienced and learned as an opportunity to connect with others who are in similar situations. Others who are hurting. Others who can’t see a clear path. Others who are sitting in marriages experiencing distance, or struggle or conflict. Others who are searching for hope, connection and healing. I want to lock arms with couples to help them create a new path forward. One that leads them through conflict and empowers them to create something extraordinary.

Evimero Couples - A Path to Purpose

So that’s the intersection. My heart behind Evimero Couples. I want you to have a community that feels like home. One where you can learn and grow. One where you can align to create a new path forward. A path that empowers you to be who you were created to be, and live out the full expression of your relationship. Because when you and your partner do that, you have the power to change the world. Evimero Couples is a place to help you do just that.

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